November-11(sat) PROGRAM 5 (15:00) Place:EXREALM

Joe Kid On A Sting Ray

Diversion In Japan
USA/Japan/2006 | DV 12min.
People from around the earth are connected by flatland BMX. Asia has become a dominant force, paving the way to the future for riders around the globe."Diversion in Japan" features legendary riders including, Donky, Shotaro Teshigahara, Yasushi Tanabe, and more. Journey to the cities of Tokyo,Yokosuka, Mie, and Kobe to meet amazing individuals who make dreams reality.

Joe Kid On A Sting Ray
USA 2005 | DV 90min
Jesse James from "West Coast Choppers" narrates this film. It features legends like Scot Breithaupt who started the first organized races in Long Beach in 1970, to Bob Haro, who pioneered BMX Freestyle riding, and created the first BMX freestyle bike, to Mat Hoffman, who's personal sacrifices helped propel BMX stunt riding into the spotlight. Filmmaker Spike Jonze is featured as well. He was influential on the documentation of BMX through his photography and involvement in BMX magazines. These are some of the people who helped make BMX such a unique subculture. The directors have assembled a 30 year timeline packed with rare archival footage and interesting interviews to create a film which explores the history, trends, stars, and current direction of BMX stunt riding and racing.

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