BFF started in 2001 in New York city making this year it's sixth year. BFF is a new event bringing together amazing digital footage and everything else within the bicycle culture into a unique bicycle art experience. In this world of endless traffic jams the eco-friendly bicycle is finding a new following of modern lifestyle - concious people. Within this new wave bicycle movement BFF brings all bicycle lovers a brilliant collection of film/music/fashion and art from and around the world. The film contains 50-60 artists including Peter Sutherland and Michael Martin etc, etc...The art portion contains 20-30 artists including :OBEY, Swoon, Michel Gondry and other top artists. Domestic artists will include live music, art and other events ......even inpulse shows by Guerilla riding performance. The purpose of the BFF event is to bring like minded people together for a spectacular montage of all aspects of bicycle life and culture for everybody to enjoy.

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