The world famous bicycle culture event: "Bicycle Film Festival" will this year again come to TOKYO !

Last year was the first time for the BFF (Bicycle Film Festival) to be held in Tokyo....due to it's success it will again be held this year. BFF2006 will be even bigger, better and more diverse than last year....this year 9 cities (New York, L.A., Minneapolis, Chicago, London, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo, Milan) will hold this famous world bicycle culture event. Whilst this will be the second time for Tokyo...interest is growing from all around Japan in regards to not just the film but the accompanying music,art and other associated events. We hope as many people as possible will be able to exprience the unique bicycle culture movement!!

Dates: 2006 November 9th (thu)`12th (sun)
Place: Shibuya area*

*for specific details and times please frequently checkout the BFF website

USA 2006 | DV 20 min.
Directors: Mike Martin and Gabe Morford

Mike Martin, best known both for his fine art and commercial photography for clients including Nice Collective, Adidas, Nike, and Microsoft teams up with Gabe Morford a highly respected skateboarding photographer. They take a look at the style of fixed gear riding in San Francisco. This film, modeled after skate and surf videos, brings out the skills and beauty of these SF riders. This will surely be a landmark in an already emerging subculture of urban riders.
pedal Joe Kid On A Sting Ray
USA 2005 | DV 90min
Directors: Mark Eaton and John Swarr

Jesse James from "West Coast Choppers" narrates this film. It features legends like Scot Breithaupt who started the first organized races in Long Beach in 1970, to Bob Haro, who pioneered BMX Freestyle riding, and created the first BMX freestyle bike, to Mat Hoffman, who's personal sacrifices helped propel BMX stunt riding into the spotlight. Filmmaker Spike Jonze is featured as well. He was influential on the documentation of BMX through his photography and involvement in BMX magazines. These are some of the people who helped make BMX such a unique subculture. The directors have assembled a 30 year timeline packed with rare archival footage and interesting interviews to create a film which explores the history, trends, stars, and current direction of BMX stunt riding and racing.
pedal Fun Bike Shorts and PEDAL
USA 2001 | DV 52 min.
Peter Sutherland

Acclaimed NYC filmmaker and photographer, Sutherland is known for his work as Director of Photography on the skateboarding film "Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator" which played to audiences nationwide, as well as the photography book AUTOGRAF. Pedal is a fast-paced documentary film about surviving in the streets of NYC as a bicycle messenger. It features messengers from all walks of life as they battle traffic in a race to make their next delivery on time. It premiered in 2001 at the South by Southwest film festival and in New York at the Bicycle Film Festival, and later was acquired by the Sundance channel, where it aired until 2004.
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