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USA 2005 | 16mm, 5 minutes.
Director: John Ayala
A seven year old leaves his parents and his block for the first time to explore, observe and destroy in a vast new world.

CANADA 2004 | DV + 16mm + Super 8mm, 4 minutes.
Director: Andrea Dorfman
A rhythm of mixed media reminds us to dust off the old bike and go for a ride.

USA 2005 | DV, 8 minutes
Director: Tom Soper
It is tough enough starting your own business in New York\try starting your own Bike Messenger service with one leg.

BOMB BAY with Ted Shred
USA 2005 | DV, 5 minutes
Director: Matt Goldman
Legendary ex-skater and DJ, Ted Shred bombs the hills and bustling streets of San Francisco with no brakesc (Seriously, NO BRAKES!!!) Filmmaker Matt Goldman mixes the kamikaze ride with Ted's own visionary DJ-ing style to create this adrenalized scratch poem.

Bicycle Trip
USA 2005 | 16mm, 12 minutes.
Director: Patrick Trefz
A gromfs dream of a never-ending bike ride.

Japan 2005| miniDV, 8 minutes
Director: Masashi Nakamura
BMX, Japanese Style!

JAPAN 2005 | DV, 16 minutes.
Director: Daisuke Tou
The Kyoto Loco is the international stage for alleycat racers from all over the world. Messengers from the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia compete against local Japanese riders in a variety of events. This film offers a colorful view into Japanese gTrack Bikeh culture through an animated title sequence.

Rumble Thru Da Bronx
USA 2004| VIDEO, 5minutes
Director: Lucas Brunelle
Bikes take the Bronx!

USA 2005 | DV, 18 minutes.
Director: Daniel Leeb
A day in the life of New York City messenger, Alfred Bobe, Jr., gthe fastest man in the city.h Daniel Leebfs cinematography dances with Bobefs bicycle through the moving city. This film is sure to make anyone who ever considered moving to New York to become a bike messenger, book himself or herself on the next flight to JFK. Not only a stunning portrait of the courier workday, Messenger is a tribute to New Yorkfs energy and its do-or-die attitude. Bobe may risk his life for the next delivery, but his philosophical outlook and skillful riding will remind you why messengers set the pace of urban street culture.

USA 2004| DV 22min.
Director: Cheryl Dunn
There is a big meeting in Union Square tonight to take back the streets. We start in club houses, squats, rehearsal spaces and apartments with a number of NYC bike gangs ,ie.The Landlords, Black Label, Denom Vemon and Puerto Rican Schwinn club and C.H.U.N.K. 666 to name a few. With an exhilarating all New York travel sequence interlaced with the music of Tussle .we arrive at a NYC CRITICAL MASS to experience the philosophies of many of the bike communities most colorful characters. gBike Gangs OF New Yorkh blurs the lines between comedic drama and documentary for a glimpse into the energy and exhilaration of being a biker in NYC.

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